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Cisco CP-6921-C-K9

Product Overview
   The Cisco   ® Unified IP Phone 6900 Series is a new and innovative portfolio of endpoints that deliver affordable, business-grade, voice communication services to customers worldwide. Six models are available: the Cisco Unified IP Phone 6901 (trimline), Cisco Unified IP Phone 6911 (one -line), Cisco Unified IP Phone 6921 (two-line), Cisco Unified IP Phone 6941 (four-line) Cisco Unified IP Phone 6945 (four -line), and Cisco Unified IP Phone 6961 (twelve-line).  
   Most of the models support full-duplex speakerphones for a more productive, more flexible, and easier-to-use endpoint experience. Some models introduce support for single-call per-line appearance, offering a traditional telephony-like interaction for customers who seek this type of call experience for their users. Fixed keys for hold, transfer, and conference; tri-color LED line and feature keys also make the phone simpler and easier to use.  
   The Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series offers greater personalization, with the choice of two colors and two handset style options. Right-to-left language presentation is also supported on the displays, addressing the language localization needs of global customers.  
   The Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series is also more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, in support of customer green initiatives. A Deep-Sleep option provides energy savings. With this option, the Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series consumes up to 50 percent less power in off-hours versus when the phone is idle during normal business hours. In addition, reground and recyclable plastics deliver a more earth-responsible solution.    
Fecha de lanzamiento 28-MAY-2009
Fecha de fin de la venta 30-JUL-2014
Fecha de fin de soporte 31-JUL-2019

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